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Die Goggatjie 50cm Sagte Speelpop is nou beskikbaar! Dit sal ure se pret en plesier vir jou kind voorsien terwyl dit verbeelding stimuleer.

Goggatjie Children's Songs DVD #1

Goggatjie Children's Songs DVD


The first English Goggatjie DVD is finally here! The Goggatjie Children’s Songs DVD brings Goggatjie to life for the first time in English with 35 minutes of foot stomping, educational songs from the hit Goggatjie Children’s Songs CD.

With each song, Goggatjie and his good friends Erika, Nàthin and Bianca act out a sketch to teach the children important life skills while having loads of fun. We learn about washing our hands, brushing our teeth, healthy eating, keeping our country clean and lots more.

The Goggatjie Children’s Songs DVD is full of life, energy and colour. The children will love it!

Click below to see an extract from the DVD:

Chapter List:
  1. Goggatjie Says Hello
  2. Animals In The Wild
  3. We Have Strong White Teeth
  4. Healthy Food Is Good Food
  5. Choose Your Instrument
  6. Let’s Play Music
  7. Can You Hear The Lightning And Thunder?
  8. Listen To The Rain
  9. Painting Is Fun!
  10. Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands
  11. We’re Playing Hide And Seek
  12. The Exercise Song
  13. Look At All The Litter!
  14. Keep Our Country Clean
  15. Nàthin Catches a Fish
  16. At The Seaside
  17. My New Bicycle
  18. The Transport Song
  19. Let’s Play Hopscotch
  20. The Hopping Song
  21. Goggatjie Says Goodbye
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